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Habitat Acquisition Trust is seeking occurrences of Blue-grey Taildroppers to better understand and care for this unusual endangered species.


In local parks, and on private land with appropriate habitat and interested landowners, HAT will set up artificial cover objects that Blue-grey Taildroppers like to shelter under.  This allows us to check the cover objects without disturbing natural habitat. Understanding the range, where populations are, and the habitat preferences of this small slug is an important step to protecting the species.

Landowner Stewardship

If a private landowner has habitat for or a known occurrence of the Blue-grey Taildropper on their property, HAT can provide the landowner with habitat guidelines, gardening tips, and other advice that will help protect the slug and its habitat.  If you believe you have habitat or Blue-grey Taildroppers on your property please contact us.

Public Land and Large Land Managers Stewardship

HAT helps public and other large land managers in the CRD care for Blue-grey Taildroppers by identifying occurances, steps that can be taken to protect known occurances, training staff to look and care for Blue-grey Taildroppers, and where appropriate develop Management Plans to help protect the slug and its habitat.

Where Blue-grey Taildroppers are located, HAT works to conserve the population and their habitat through voluntary, non-legally binding agreements (stewardship agreeements), and voluntary, legally-binding agreements (e.g. covenants).

We are grateful for funding from Environment Canada's Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk, CRD Parks, and private donors like you that makes this program possible.


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