Designated Donations

If you choose to, you can designate your donation to support one of HAT's programs. If you do not designate your donation, then HAT's Board of Directors will determine what area has the greatest need. Either way, your donation will make a tangible difference for nature.

1. Where Most Needed -  HAT will designate your donation where we are in most need of funding at the time of your donation. 

2. Land Protection - By donating to this fund you are making a difference by helping protect important habitats forever through Land Acquisition. Your donation will be used to help monitor our currently protected properties as well as help protect new properties in the future

3. Habitat Stewardship - HAT will designate your donation to our stewardship and education projects throughout the year. By donating here, you will help programs like

    • Good Neighbours Project - Each summer HAT helps create a community of sustainable neighbours in our region through free landcare consultations with a HAT biologist
    • Wildlife Stewardship - INCLUDES: Western Painted Turtles, Western Screech Owls, Blue-grey Taildropper Slugs, Sharp-tailed Snakes, Bats, and Amphibians

4. Youth Education - HAT will designate your donation to initiatives that provide free outdoor learning programs to youth. Our two main programs are:

    • Goldstream ChumsEach year HAT sends over 5000 students to Goldstream Provincial Park to witness the salmon run up-close. Since this program is no longer funded by the Provincial Government, we rely heavily on donations from individuals and business in the community. 
    • Green SpotsOne of HAT's longest running programs is all about education school children about the importance of native species in their region. We offer a FREE program to schools to have native plant garden built on their property by the students themselves. 

5. HAT Endowment Fund - HAT maintains a permanent fund with The Victoria Foundation, from which we can only withdraw annual dividends. This fund is used for on-going costs associated with land protection (legal fees, surveying costs, appraisals) as well as administrative and office overhead. It is also our emergency fund in case legal action is needed to ensure the ecological integrity of HAT's protected lands.


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