Update: New Maps on the Amphibian Roadkill Project

Amphibians are on the move! Unfortunately, many get squashed on roads while migrating to their wetland breeding sites. See below for map results.

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Roughskin Newt, photo by Kristiina Ovaska


Results of 2015 Survey Efforts - Maps

Over the past spring HAT biologists with help from volunteers have counted hundreds of dead frogs and salamanders on local roads (maps below). Most were Pacific Treefrogs and Rough-skinned Newts, but five other species were also encountered.

  • Hotspot 1: On West Saanich Rd: 369 dead amphibians mostly Pacific Treefrogs, were counted during one evening survey. 
  • Hotspot 2: Prospect Lake Rd: 84 dead and 34 live Treefrogs were counted during one evening survey.

You can help HAT identify other hotspots for amphibian roadkill by reporting sites where you have seen frogs or salamanders crossing roads. While the main thrust of the surveys is in spring, we also plan to collect some information in summer. We may be calling on volunteers in the near future and, for example, assign them to a particular road or sections of roads to survey. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to participate.

Below are maps highlighting survey areas where amphibians have been found on roads. Please watch carefully for crossing amphibians if you are driving in these areas. Hotspots for major crossings include:

  • Prospect Lake Road 
  • Millstream/Millstream Lake Road
  • Ross Durrance Road 
  • Goward Road
  • Munn Road

Species Maps

CRD Map Amphibians

Metchosin Map Jun242015 byspecies pic

Highlands Map Jun242015 byspecies pic

Problem Area Maps



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