T-SOU-KE Nation Partners with HAT for Pollinators

TSouke pollinator days poster

Sunday, Nov 20th, 10 am - 3:00 PM join other HAT Volunteers and the T'SOU-KE Nation at Ladybug Nursery for a day of native species planting and invasive blackberry removal. The goal is to plant hedgerows of native plants to encourage local pollinating species to help pollinate the nursery's plants too. 

Lunch, tools, and training will be covered by HAT. You need only bring yourself, some water, and the right clothes for a comfortable day of work outside. 

Rides can be arranged, the #61 bus also stops nearby at Sooke and Kaltasin Rd. 

Speaking about the T'Sou-ke community's Ladybug Nursery and comprehensive community planning towards sustainability, Chief Gordon Planes has said,

"We are setting the table for future generations. There is an appetite for change and I really believe that the next generation is the one that is going to make positive changes. The Creator provided the resources for us to take care of ourselves. We are doing that a lot… I see huge opportunity for all of us and I encourage others to get in the canoe with us to build a stronger, sustainable economy. All of us can prosper together."

Please share this poster with people you know that might like to get involved! Bonus habitat stewardship points if you post it on a local community message board or share with a group you're involved with.

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