Have you explored employee giving?

pecsfimageMany businesses offer their employees matching gift programs or the option to automatically give a portion of their pay to charity. Have you explored this option with your employer? It's an easy way to support programs in the community over time and typically only needs to be set-up once, saving yourself time so you can do more to save the world!

One example of this kind of program is PECSF or the Provincial Employees Community Services Fund.

Are you or someone you know working for the Province of BC?

Through PECSF provincial employees can select Habitat Acquisition Trust to receive your donations through payroll. With the giving season around the corner, we hope you will consider this easy and impactful method of giving to support habitat protection, enhancement, and restoration for local wildlife and towards a resilient future for our communities. 

You can find a step-by-step guide to signing up for PECSF and how to make a difference with HAT here. Please note: we advise you to keep you thinking HATs on, as the directions are a simplified version. Remember to search for "Habitat Acquisition Trust" when making your giving choice. Thank you for choosing to make a difference with nature preservation!



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