A Holiday Message from Executive Director, Jill Robinson

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December is a wonderful time to pause and reflect on a year gone by, to cherish the moments and build our resolve for a better future. Take a moment with us to think about your special memories in nature. Was there a certain place you visited that warmed your soul? Did you finally come across that special plant or animal you’d always hoped to see?

All of us at Habitat Acquisition Trust fondly recall a few highlights that we shared with you over the last year:


With your support, we worked with 6 local homeowners, installing 32 nesting boxes for Western Screech Owls in their preferred habitat. We lead over 203 fantastic volunteers to restore important protected lands at 17 different sites. With members of Scia'new and T’Sou-ke Nations and at Marigold and South Park School, we planted more than 700 native plants and helped young students enhance habitat in their own school yards.  

This year, HAT is not only grateful for many successes over the last year, we are also thrilled to celebrate 20 years of conservation. Thanks to supporters like you, HAT continues to make thoughtful and strategic decisions grounded in science that protect, restore and enhance habitat in our local community. You make it possible to continue our important role as a leading conservation organization and land trust. Your compassion means the world to those of us who can’t imagine a world without vibrant Garry Oak meadows or the Douglas Fir forests we grew up in and admire.

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Your habitat heroism is what helps these critical species to pull through in the face of grave concerns – together we make a difference for nature with compassion and a thoughtful response.

As more forests, wetlands and meadows are lost, it is critical that we conserve land now. The natural landscape is more than just a stunning scene, it is a home, breeding place, nesting space and refuge for countless living things.  With your support, we can protect and restore ecologically important habitat for these species, and foster a community that cares for wildlife and its habitat for future generations.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,  

Jill Robinson

Jill Robinson

Executive Director

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