Shore Do Love You and THRIVE: A Future Where Everything Belongs

Joanne Thomson presents a solo exhibition of paintings, featuring Shore Do Love You -

A Romantic Nature Art Workshop in support of Habitat Acquisition Trust.

at the Gage Gallery 2031 Oak Bay Avenue.

February 1­–18, 2017

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Globally we seem to have slipped into a normalization of conflict even while at our soul levels we comprehend that conflict is not the solution. THRIVE by local artist Joanne Thomson presents a vision for sharing the natural world as a path to our own evolution. Offering visual metaphors Thomson's art leads viewers into an exploration of the wild and the tame in each of us. Thrive proposes a state beyond surviving–beyond sustaining–a state where art and beauty multiply and harmony becomes normalized. Protectionist attitudes prevent cooperation by creating an atmosphere of fear and mistrust, blinding us to the abundance that can be found in the unfamiliar. This exhibition delights the viewer by presenting the familiar in unfamiliar ways and the unfamiliar in familiar ways. Expect to laugh and contemplate.

The exhibition is equal parts exquisite small watercolour paintings on paper from Thomson’s Mason Jar Series and powerful watercolour on canvas depictions of our diverse forest ecosystems.


February 2, 2017 5-8 pm Opening reception and artist talk at the Gage.

February 12, 2017 1-4 pm. “Make Art with your Sweetheart”, a free art making event

February 13, 2017 1-4pm join Joanne Thomson and Alanah Nasadyk from HAT for “Shore do love YOU!” a by donation art making event at the Gage to raise awareness of shoreline restoration in Metchosin through the HAT Good Neighbours Program in 2017-2018.

Thomson supports Habitat Acquisition Trust for their mature vision of preserving wild areas in harmony with human habitation by using methods that rely on cooperation and balance.

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