What's the Buzz? Pollinator Expert Headlines at Local Conservation Gathering

bee and nootka roseThursday, Jan 26th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific (505 Quayle Rd.) will host Habitat Acquisition Trust’s Annual General Meeting and Social at their lovely Pavilion.

Habitat Acquisition Trust offers a warm welcome to anyone in the community, and encourages attendees to invite friends, family, and neighbours. Though membership is required to vote at the meeting, all are welcome and attendance is free including bites to eat, as well as refreshments sponsored by Whole Foods Market Victoria. Arrive early to secure you seat, as the Pavilion may fill up fast! We're kicking off with a half hour of socializing with everyone from biologists to outdoors enthusiasts, this is an excellent chance to network with the natural history and conservation community.

Special guest speaker Lora Morandin, Ph. D. of Pollinator Partnership Canada, will share a talk on native pollinators. Bringing her experience from the publication of over 20 peer-reviewed articles on pollinators and sustainable agriculture, Dr. Morandin will provide insight into the natural history of local pollinators, threats faced by bees and other species, and the helpful role that individuals can play in enhancing pollinator habitat in their own backyards.

"Local initiatives can add up to large benefits for pollinators, and Pollinator Partnership Canada is excited to be working with Habitat Acquisition Trust to help maintain and enhance pollinator populations on Vancouver Island” – Dr. Morandin

With concerns about declines and the endangered species listings of bees making international headlines, many are wondering what they can do to support pollinators locally. This event is sure to answer those buzzing questions and provide positive motivation for the New Year.

“Pollinators are responsible for about 1/3 of the food we eat, and are needed to pollinate wild flowers and sustain ecosystems. There are over 20,000 species of bees worldwide, of which the managed European honey bee is just one. But, some bee and other pollinator populations are declining, most likely due to habitat loss, diseases, invasive species, climate change, and insecticide use. Creating habitat for bees and other pollinators, from small urban gardens to large conservation areas, is an important action that can provide much needed floral and nesting resources,” explains Dr. Morandin.

About our Guest Speaker

LoraMorandinLora Morandin has been doing research on bees and pollination since 1997. She started out working on bee pollination of greenhouse tomatoes at Western University in Ontario and that grew into an interest in native pollinator conservation and sustainable agriculture. She then did a PhD at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia studying modern agriculture and pollinators, followed by post doctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley working on enhancement of native pollinators and natural enemy insects through small-scale farm restoration. Lora has more than 20 peer-reviewed publications on pollinators and sustainable agriculture, including innovative work on economic benefits of ecosystem services. She has consulted for government and industry on diverse ecological topics such as seabird oiling from offshore oil and gas operations, and honey bee health research gaps. One of her main interests is finding ways that production and conservation can co-exist for a healthy and sustainable environment. Lora lives in Victoria, British Columbia and when she’s not working part-time for Pollinator Partnership Canada, spends time working on her urban farm and enjoying BC’s beautiful natural areas. 

Habitat Acquisition Trust encourages you to renew or sign-up for membership in support of local conservation by visiting hat.bc.ca/donate or calling 250-995-2428. For more information on the Pollinator Partnership visit www.pollinatorpartnership.ca

Please share this event with your friends! Here's the poster: click here to print/share.


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