Naturescaping Tips for a lovely Garden Year Round

Red Osier Dogwood Stems Flickr Credit Erik JacksonWhile you might not be thinking too much about naturescaping in the chilly, frosty weather here's something to warm you up to the idea.

When you plan your plantings, make sure to incorporate evergreen varieties of native plants and plants with attractive features in winter such as:

  • Kinnikinick
  • Oregon Grape
  • Stonecrop
  • Sword and licorice fern
  • Red Osier-Dogwood (beautiful stems in winter - photo left)

For a more extensive list of evergreen native plants check out this one put together by the Capital Regional Disctrict.

Another good idea to give your garden character in the mostly bloomless months is to incorporate attractive hardscape design, in the form of rock placement and other permanent features such as bird baths that can also enhance habitat for wildlife. Wood features, although less permanent, can also add some interest to a winterscape. A fallen branch or log can be incoporated in a way that is not only attractive, but offers a source of nutrients for widlife and other plants.

For more tips on creating a native garden in our region Louise Goulet's presentation offers many helpful insights from designing to maintaing your naturescape. Click here for more inspiration.

Photo left Red Osier Dogwood Stems in early spring: By Erik Jackson.



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