February Volunteer Spotlight Recognizing Margaret How and James Chapman

Margaret How and James Chapman at MatsonThis month HAT would like to recognize the inspiring volunteerism of Margaret How and James Chapman.

When we asked the HAT staff, who should we shine the spotlight on to say thank you to next? HAT Biologist Kristiina Ovaska instantly chimed in, "these two! They're at every event I've organized."

If you've been out volunteering with us there's a good chance you've met James and Margaret. We asked these two to share something about themselves that you may not already know.

Margaret says, "I have become passionate about nature here and it extends to restoring wood furniture rather than it becoming garbage."

James says, "I moved to Victoria in 1984 from the Peace River Country. I love animals and cartoons."

Margaret and James come together for conservation, time after time.
That kind of regular commitment is certainly something to praise. In fact, we'll be seeing them both at Habitat Acquisition Trust's first restoration event of the season in only a short while. Margaret also selflessly volunteered her time to set-up the AGM that so many guests enjoyed.

"Volunteering with HAT and CRD parks is the best way we can think of to express and share our gratitude for the amazing natural world we live in," explains Margaret.

Margaret How Varmland Daphne Removal Fall 2016For both James and Margaret seeing the results of volunteer stewardship at Matson Conservation Area is a highlight of their community invovlement.

"Seeing the Matson lands returned to its more natural state is a dream come true for me as a long term resident of the Greater Victoria area"

James and Margaret have been part of habitat restoration for the Western Painted Turtle and Blue-grey Taildropper Slug, two species of special concern. By returning to the same places year after year like Ruby Creek near Witty's Lagoon, their experience is enriched by seeing the progress they've been a part of.

"All the friends we have made at all the events are friends for life. All the projects we have worked on have become not just HAT projects but our projects. Belonging to a community of amazing volunteers has been truly a great experience," both Margaret and James agree.

A great big bear hug of a thank you from all of us at HAT to Margaret and James, for making the world around us a better place.


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