Bat Boxers: Stewards for Chiroptera on South Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

Xavier Mouy and bat boxEvery summer dedicated Bat Monitors are able to gather data on our local Chiroptera (that's the order bats belong to!) This is done at 16 sites thanks to the Bat Stewards that cooperate with HAT to protect their bat roosts.

Recently we've connected several proud new Bat Stewards with their very own bat houses. These maternity boxes can house up to 90 mothers and pups.

Pictured to to the top right is Bat Steward extraordinaire Xavier Mouy with a stand-alone rocket box for bats.

Stewardship Coordinator Paige Erickson-McGee says, "Xavier is a stellar volunteer who has been helping us with analyzing Western Screech Owl call recordings with professional software."

Also pictured here is Tyler Brown with his bat box. Tyler has kindly agreed to do his part for bats by purchasing, installing, and monitoring his new box for any bats that decide to make it their home.










 The HAT Community Bat Program is supported by LUSH and MEC

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