HAT Provides Support to the Mary Lake Connections Project

Mary Lake CreekHabitat conservation is a complex and resource-intensive affair that often requires support from, and collaborative efforts between, different organizations. HAT has taken a significant step in supporting the Greater Victoria Greenbelt Society by donating $25,000 to their Mary Lake Connections project.

The goal of the Connections project is to purchase the Mary Lake property and transform it into 73-acre public park. This will allow for the protection of watersheds, threatened species, and unique ecosystems. In addition, it will open up public access to kilometers of trails and the lakeside. The soon-to-be park will connect Gowlland Tod, Mount Work, and Thetis Lake parks. The project will help conserve the ecological integrity of the area, and promote education in nature. 

74248 115187225211975 110722742325090 97979 5255580 n1HAT's donation will go towards purchasing the property. Upon finalization of the purchase, HAT will investigate the possibility of protecting the park with a conservation covenant. 

HAT is proud to support the Greater Victoria Greenbelt Society in their noble conservation efforts, and we wish them the best of luck in their endeavors. 


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