Volunteer Spotlight: Joanna Preston

Joanna Preston Volunteer Owl ProgramWe would like to recognize Joanna Preston for taking a leadership role in volunteering and supporting Habitat Acquisition Trust, particularly through the organization of and extensive participation in Western Screech Owl monitoring.

Thank you Joanna for giving your time to the understanding of these threatened owls and to our community!

Checking nest boxes placed by HAT with Biologist Tania Tripp this past week Joanna remarked, "we got a Screech Owl in box #22! So amazing to see her and know we have a Screech Owl nesting in Greater Victoria using one of our boxes!"

Reflecting on what inspires her about volunteering with us Joanna shared, "HAT made me realize I can contribute in a meaningful way to conservation initiatives and wildlife programs with real positive results. The HAT staff are awesome to work with and super knowledgeable, and in the short few months I've volunteered for HAT, I've learned a lot."

Joanne says, "I got involved with the Western Screech Owl nest box program this year and was inspired by how many land owners in Greater Victoria are so passionate about getting involved and wanting to protect this species at risk by installing owl nest boxes on their property. The Screech Owl population in Greater Victoria has declined witht he loss of forest that once provided natural cavities to nest in, and with the increase in predators such as Barred Owls, so this is a species that could benefit from our help.

Western Screech Owl close Ladner BC Credit Anthony Bucci and send him link

I helped install dozens of nest boxes this winter and checked up on a few of them later in spring using a tiny camera on the end of a long pole. I hoped, rather than expected, to find a Screech Owl inside one of the nest boxes. After inspecting several nest boxes and finding them either empty or occupied by squirrels, we found one! The last nest box I checked with Tania Tripp on June 2, a female screech owl stared back at us on the camera monitor, with at least one baby! I was ecstatic! If one nest box provides a safe nesting place for a pair of Screech Owls to raise a family in Greater Victoria, to me the nest box program is a success."

 "As a wildlife biologist and mother I feel my volunteer work at HAT is a great way to contribute to conservation efforts and teach my daughter the values of service in our community that connects with our passion for nature." - Joanna Preston

Habitat Acquisition Trust's staff, contractors, landowners, and volunteer Owl Monitors owe Joanna a great big thank you for all she's done to make our owl expeditions possible. It is with many helping hands and minds that we run programs like the Western Screech Owl project, and we are grateful to everyone involved. Joanna stands out to us as someone who has gone above and beyond like a Western Screech Owl flies above, carrying out an essential role in our natural environment.

Thank you so much Joanna! 

Western Screech Owl Photo by Anthony Bucci.



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