The Stewardship Series Guide you've BEEn waiting for: Pollinators!

jpg cover pollinators guideHabitat Acquisition Trust is pleased to unveil to you the online version of the latest installment in the Stewardship Series: The Pollinator Guide!

To learn more about native pollinators, how to plant a garden that suits the widest diversity of these incredible animals, and how anyone can take simple actions to be good neighbours to bees and other pollinators click through to the new guide here.

Bees may be small, but the impact they have on our environment – and our daily lives – is immense. That's why Habitat Acquisition Trust has initiated projects focusing on pollinators this year. 

Thank you to our individual donors, and funders Ecoaction, BC Gaming Commission, and Environment Canada's Habitat Stewardship Program for making Pollinator stewardship programs possible on South Vancouver Island the Gulf Islands with Habitat Acquisition Trust.



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