Volunteer Spotlight on Jemma Green

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This month we are recognizing volunteer Jemma Green! Jemma consistently puts her passion for nature into her volunteering with Habitat Acquisition Trust in so many wondrous ways and we want to celebrate that here.

We'd like to thank Jemma for being a Bat Team Leader and an Outreach Tabler with us, sharing her knowledge and interests with others in the community. Last year Jemma went above and beyond, surprising us by baking adorable bat cookies. Her husband sold these cookies at a bake sale and they gave the funds to HAT as a donation. What a nice treat for our bats and the Community Bat Program

Jemma shares a little bit about her volunteer experience with us, "I first got involved with HAT when I moved to Vancouver Island from Vancouver. I have always been passionate about volunteer work with wildlife and natural areas, but it was HAT's dedication to ecological restoration and wildlife research in their own back yard that set them apart for me."

"It is HAT's consistent vision of educating and engaging the public and private landowners to improve our collective relationship with the natural world that keeps me inspired as a volunteer."

bat cookies for bake sale by Jemma Green and her husband at MEC 2016"One of my favorite experiences volunteering with HAT came during my first summer as a bat counter, under starry summer skies. I saw first hand how bats and people can successfully co-exist in the same habitat (and even in the same structure!). This program is just one example of the many ways people can be stewards of their own little part of the world and what a difference that can make."

Habitat Acquisition Trust is able to operate in large part due to the incredible donations of time and energy hundreds of people like Jemma offer. Thank you to each and every one of the HAT volunteer team. 



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