100 + conservationists in one room!

HAT's 8th annual Conservation Connection forum at the Burnside Gorge Community Centre was a hotbed of discussion, learning and collaboration.david_fraser_keynote.jpg

Thanks to our many speakers: Dave Fraser (MOE, pictured), Andrew Harcombe (NCC), John Morton (consultant), Lynne Milnes (UVic), Jane Buzza (Fundraiser), Russ Fuoco (Saanich), Naomi Devine (UVic), Jenny Feick (MOE), Guy Dauncey (BCSEA), Tara MacDonald (VolVic), Mariko Bayley (VolVic), Megan MacDonald (VolVic), Judith Cullington (connsultant, UFSI), Bob Cox (consultant), Andrea Barnett (Ducks Unlimited), Dr. Bill Code (IFA) Matthew Kemshaw (Lifecycles), Lana Popham (Barking Dog Vinyard), Nikki Wright (SeaChange) Garry Fletcher (Consultant), and Michael Dunn (GICEL).

Topics included: fundraising, MOE's new Conservation Framework, climate change, volunteers, the Wetland Stewardship Partnership, Local Food production and consumption, marine conservation, and more.

The Conservation Connection Forum has been generously funded and supported by the Victoria Foundation. In addition Serious Coffee, PSC Natural Foods, Silk Road Tea, Planet Organic and the Rocky Mountain Muffin Company will be donating food and beverages at the event. A sincere thank you goes out to all our sponsors without whom HAT would not be able to operate the forum.conservation_connection_2008_at_burnside_gorge_cc.jpg


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