Ivan Island - “I can’t leave without protecting it”

Powell 2“I can’t leave without protecting it” exclaimed Nancy Powell.  [I] “...represent the animals, birds, trees, bugs, flowers and everything else that lives on the land, in the water and in the air”. The land she is protecting was gifted to Nancy from her dear friend, Ivan.  It was Ivan’s passion to protect and care for the land, and it is now Nancy’s turn.  She is paying it forward for Ivan, for herself, for the wildlife, and for Metchosin.  


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Welcome to our new website

We have updated our website!  Our goal is help you find the content you are looking for more quickly and easily, and to improve the site visually.  We've re-oriented the site to help you find what you're looking for based on what you want to do.  However, all the old content is still there too, along with new sections on native plant gardening.  There is more come as well.



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SMUS Crew Pulls Broom

SMUS broom

When it comes to carrying broom, bundled in large tarpaulines down a steep mountain face, there is quite a bit of team work that is required. We were fortunate enough to have a large group of young men from St. Michaels University School (SMUS) who were up to the challenge and worked in unison to clear a large amount of the invasive plant from Havenwood Park. A typical Saturday afternoon for a teenager may involve playing video games or watching a movie with friends but these boys decided to get away from all of that and immerse themselves in nature. They used their teenage energy to help restore an important ecosystem in one of HAT's covenants that also serves as a public park to the residents of Colwood.


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SJ Willis School Conquers Invasive Species

SJ Willis weeding panorama Peter

Our guess would be that not many people have heard of SJ Willis, a large education centre located right in the heart of Victoria. It is tucked away behind Hillside and Blanshard but the school property itself was once a Garry Oak Meadow. We often forget that the downtown core was once covered with native species and that with the removal of invasive ones we can restore these ecosystems. School education assistant Caroline and biology teacher Ashley realized the potential of their school property and contacted HAT to do an initial scouting of their area to see what could be done to help to bring native species such as Oregon grape back to life. We discovered that there was plenty of native species still alive and blooming in some areas of their school grounds and that we needed to remove some hefty blackberry bushes to ensure proper growth in the spring.


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Joanne Thomson on display at the HAT Gallery


Have you visited the HAT Gallery lately? It is located at 827 Broughton Street and houses local artists who are passionate about nature. You can also find our staff working right inside the gallery! We are pleased to announce that we have works on display from local artist and staff favourite Joanne Thomson. All works are for sale and she also has some greeting cards with her art for sale here at our gallery. Please feel free to stop by Monday to Friday and support local art and conservation in one convenient stop.


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