About our Sharp-tailed Snake Program

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Since 2005, HAT has worked with private and public landowners from Sooke to Galiano to identify Sharp-tailed Snake populations and find ways for land owners to conserve the vanishing habitat that these small, harmless reptiles require.

HAT meets with private landowners with potenital habitat for Sharp-tailed Snakes on their property. We help them begin monitoring for Sharp-tailed Snakes, and also teach them about the critical habitat features that Sharp-tailed Snakes rely on.  We will help the landowner identify these features on their property, and work with them to find ways to conserve these features.

HAT also works with public landowners and owners of working landscapes in our region. In addition to setting up monitoring programs, we help these landowners create management plans and train staff to help conserve Sharp-tailed Snake populations.

By conserving Sharp-tailed Snake habitat, particpants are also helping to protect the habitat of over 100 other species at risk, ranging from plants to birds.  These species all rely on the same, rare, Garry Oak associated ecosystems that are unique to southeast Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

The Salt Spring Island Conservancy has a tool to help you do your own Virtual Habitat Assessment for Sharp-tailed Snakes. If your property has potential habitat for Sharpies, and you are interested in particpating in our conservation program, please contact us

In areas where Sharp-tailed Snakes are found, HAT works with landowners to protect the snakes' habitat for future through voluntary, non-legal agreements and voluntary, legally-binding agreements such as conservation covenants.

We are grateful for funding from Environment Canada's Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk and private donors like you that makes this program possible.


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