Calypso Woods

Calypso Woods

People in our community teamed up with HAT and successfully raised funds towards permanently protecting this safehaven for megafauna and a mega beautiful population of wild orchids! The conservation covenant is protected forever thanks to you, HAT supporters.

Recent updates:

April 2017 - waterfall and site visit for tree surveying

December 2017 - Calypso Woods is finalized as a protect conservation covenant.


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To support the fund for permanent management and and inventories on this spectacular landscape.

Who: Habitat Acquisition Trust's Team, local landowners with a conservation dream, and community members and supporters like you!

What: Raised $10,600 to protect 5.8 acres of riparian, and forested ecosystem in Calypso Woods. 

With your help this campaign will also secure protection for Fairview, 13+ acres of coastline and forest habitat read more.

Where: Connected to the Sooke Hills Wilderness, Mount Wells Park, and Billston Creek. Expanding the connectivity of each of these vital wildlife habitat and travel corridors.

Because we exceeded our goal, the additional funds will go to the Land Protection program in support of future covenants and ongoing stewardship of existing conservation lands.

How can you still help? The Land Protection program is the program with our greatest funding needs, please consider donating today to keep nature in our region tomorrow and forever. You can also join other HAT volunteers by joining us to steward and restore protected areas like Calypso Woods.

Why: Calypso Woods hosts a diversity of ecosystems from dry to moist forests, open rocky outcrops to wet to floodplain ecosystems. Within this complex are ecosystems that are provincially listed as imperiled and of special concern. Young and mature forest here can be protected with your help to grow into old growth with time. Rare and iconic species living in this area like the Sharp-tailed Snake, Western Screech Owl, Elk, and Cougars will have a better chance at survival. If we want to keep human and wildlife conflict at a minimum, saving places these majestic animals can safely call roam and call home is a must.

"We know that there may come a time when we’re not here. So I looked into how we can protect the land so that when we’re gone, the land is still protected, and obviously one of the best ways is through covenants."
- Calypso Woods Landowner


The donations of Habitat Guardians will secure wildlife corridors between Bilston Creek and the Sea-to-Sea Greenbelt.

More information

Read more about HAT's covenant program.


Alanah Nasadyk, Community & Development Coordinator Habitat Acquisition Trust, 250-995-2428, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Donate Now Through!

To support the fund for permanent management and and inventories on this spectacular landscape.



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