Donations of Land

havenwood view nov 2006HAT gratefully accepts donations of land in fee-simple donations (i.e., title) or donations of conservation agreements.

How does it work?

Fee-simple Donation

The simplest form of land donation is a straight transfer of title. In most cases, you or your estate will be eligible for a tax-receipt for the value of the land as appraised by an  independent AACI-certified appraiser (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institue). 

Life Estate

If you wish to donate land, but also wish to live on the property or retain use of the property, a life estate may be an option for you. If eligible for a tax-receipt, the value of the donation would be determined by an independent appraisal of the property, and an actuary would determine the value of the life estate. The final tax receipt would be the appraised value of the land minus the appraised value of the life estate.

Gift of an interest in Land (Conservation Covenant)

A covenant can permanently and legally protect the natural values on your land while still allowing you to retain ownership of land. For people who wish to live on their property, or need to sell their property, a covenant is an excellent tool to help you meet your financial and life needs while still protecting nature.

Donate Land as an Asset

HAT can also accept gifts of land without ecological value to be used as an asset to further our mission.  HAT will discuss with you how your property could be used to help conserve natural landscapes. This could include selling the property and using the funds raised to conserve other land.

Talk to us...

We encourage you to talk to us about your donation, and we can help you determine if HAT is the right organization for you.

If your property is outside the Capital Regional District, consider contacting the Land Trust Alliance of BC to find a land trust in your area.


Create a conservation legacy through the donation of land...

HAT also accepts donations of properties (fee simple) for the permanent protection of natural values. If you have a parcel of land that is in the Capital Regional District and has natural ecosystems, and if you are interested in donating it, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There are many ways to donate property while still meeting your financial and lifestyle needs. In addition to leaving a legacy that benefits nature forever, there are potential tax benefits to you or your estate. For instance, properties with significant ecological value may be eligible for a tax receipt through the Federal Government's  Ecological Gifts Program. In all cases, you should seek independant financial advice.   


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