shooting star flower

Top 10 Native Plants

Easy to care for and beautiful too

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Sedum in a container


Native plant can thrive in containers, perfect for decks or small spaces

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Swallowtail Butterfly

Butterfly Gardening

Attract butterflies by planting native species

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Oak Leaves

Oak Leaves

Use your oak leaves to create wildflower spaces

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Gardening with Native Plants

Do you want attractive, easy to maintain, drought tolerant gardens that attract birds and butterflies?

Gardening with Native Plants

The best plant choices for gardens are often the native plants that thrive naturally in our region. A native plant includes those species that were here prior to European settlement. Rewarding and dynamic, “naturescapes” are functional gardens that reflect the native richness and beauty of our unique region. 

HAT has tons of gardening info (below) to help to put together the perfect naturescape! From Lasagna Gardening to Healthy Lawns to Container Gardening, there is something to help every green thumb!

 Check out HAT's Gardening with Native Plants Guide or contact the HAT Office about getting a print copy.

Get the Guide Here (pdf)

Why are native plants great for gardens?

Victoria and area is one of Canada’s top nature hot spots, but we have lost over 95% of land covered by our rare native ecosystems (Garry Oak meadows and older Coastal Douglas Fir forests) due to urban development. Invasive plants escaping from gardens are quickly changing natural habitats for the worse. 

Creating a naturescape (native plant garden) on your land is part of the solution to habitat loss. The actions of many individual landowners can make a big difference for wildlife in our region. A changing climate and booming population growth are forcing communities to rethink our prolific outdoor water use. Using showy native plants in your garden can also save you time and money; forget about watering, artificial fertilizers, and toxic pesticides. Because native plants have evolved in this climate for countless generations, they attract local song birds and insect pollinators. The various plants in this guide fit into any type of garden setting.

Todd Carnahan (creator of the guide) discussing his 5 favourite native plants at Swan Lake! 



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