Hedgerows for Habitat at Lohbrunner Farm

Are you passionate about pollinators and local food?

As part of the Good Neighbours Program, we have recently launched the Hedgerows for Habitat Initiative, helping farmers create habitat for pollinators on the borders and fringes of the cultivated fields. We have partnered up with Lohbrunner Community Farm Co-op to create a habitat hedgerow corridor for our native pollinators in Langford - a quickly expanding community in need of pollinator-friendly spaces. This 60 metre (~200ft) line of native shrubs and perennial wildflowers were sourced from Saanich Native Plants Nursery. This site is in the Bilston Creek floodplain, and therefore is seasonally wet (sometimes underwater!) in the winter, so we chose plant species that are well-adapted to flooding conditions for part of the year.

This video just gives you a sneak peek into the planting process. More videos to come!

Thank you to our funders - EcoAction Community Fund and Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, and private donors like you. Find out how to support this and other initiatives:


This video was created by the talented filmmaker Rodrigo Inostroza - find him on Instagram as @inomonke



Here is our plant list for this site: 

Yarrow 16
Fireweed 8
Woolly Sunflower 16
Mountain Sneezeweed 16
Canada Goldenrod 8
Entire-leaved Gumweed 10
Douglas Aster 10
Graceful cinquefoil 10
Coastal Sage 10
Large-leaved Lupine 8
Blue-eyed Grass 10
Pacific Crabapple 6
Mock Orange 8
Black Hawthorn 6
Clustered Rose 6
Pacific Ninebark 8
Black Twinberry 10
Tufted Hairgrass 10
Total Plants  176


With regard to COVID-19 protocols, this planting work took place on May 21 2020 by Lohbrunner farmers and HAT staff - those individuals who appear less than the recommended 2m apart are in each other's social bubbles.  



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