Help us win $20,000 with the Great Canadian Giving Challenge from CanadaHelps

In so many ways COVID-19 has shown us the power of what we can accomplish by coming together, even while apart.

During this period of confinement and self-isolation many local businesses and charities have not been able to interact and engage with their communities in their usual ways, making this a difficult time to fund the activities that we rely on them to perform in our neighbourhoods and regions. This is another COVID-19 has given us to share - in the region, on the Island, in British Columbia, and across Canada.

In an effort to support charities that rely on financial support from communities, and to help ensure that so many valuable programs continue this summer, CanadaHelps is once again putting out a call to action, asking each of us that can to support registered charities, giving them the chance to work on the projects and programs we all see as valuable. We all understand how important charities are, as they are often the only organizations or groups able to implement programs that are vital to our collective wellbeing, and to community health.

For the month of June 2020, CanadaHelps has launched the 6th Annual Great Canadian Giving Challenge, inviting people from all over Canada to donate to their favorite registered charities, and to bring together the same power of community that is seeing us each do our best to come through the COVID-19 pandemic in a good way.

For the whole month of June, every dollar donated to HAT through the CanadaHelps online giving platforms gives us another chance to win $20,000. That means a great deal for conservation and habitat stewardship in Southern Vancouver Island! For charities of our size, $20,000 will ensure that our habitat stewardship, habitat management, and species at risk programs can continue through 2020.

It’s no secret that ecosystem health directly contributes to the wellbeing of local populations of all species. The more we can do to steward and work with the ecosystems on southern Vancouver Island, the better we will be to face future challenges like COVID-19 and a changing climate. A benefit that will be felt by the human and more-than-human populations that live here!

Donate to HAT this June and we can win $20,000. Every dollar is another chance to win, and this will mean so much to the winged, walking, slithering, crawling, and watching neighbours that we two-legged locals know and love so well.

You have the power to positively influence conservation at home in an immense way. Working together we can multiply that influence and cultivate some truly good work in our area.

Please, if you have the means, donate $10 or more to HAT this June and let’s see what this conservation community can get growing!

For more information, visit the Great Canadian Giving Challenge webpage, or FAQ.To donate directly to HAT, please click this link. For more information on HAT’s conservation and stewardship programs, visit our website.

Thank you very much. Take care and stay safe!



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