Membership Changes coming to HAT

Membership has long been a mainstay of the HAT conservation community. HAT members are the driving force behind much of why HAT exists. Not only do they play a central role in HAT’s governance structure by participating in and voting at the Annual General Meeting (held at the end of every January), they are those folks who want to be involved in conservation in a direct way, whether that’s through showing their support at member events, or as regular participants at volunteer restoration workshops.

In July (2020), HAT is changing the benefits to becoming a member.

Changing the way members are recognized has been a long point of discussion at HAT. Surprisingly, it was the recent pandemic that finally gave us the motivation to make this a reality.

Much like HAT, COVID-19 is still impacting many of our local partners, and it has been difficult for us to interact with our communities as we normally do. Whether due to social distancing, confinement or other health concerns, many of us are trying to remain connected in the best ways we can. For that reason, HAT and some of our local partners have found a new way to support each other and cultivate a renewed community focus on conservation! 

Beginning in July, any HAT member with a valid membership card will be able to receive special benefits (that range from experiences to discounts) from a group of locally-based, locally-owned, community-focused and conservation-minded businesses in the area. These include Sea Cider Farm & Cider House, West Coast Refill, Metchosin Farm, Onyx Lion Herbs, and we are hoping to add more diverse businesses as we grow the program.

The actual benefits or perks to membership are listed on HAT’s Membership page, so please take a look! As well, this change means a bit of a change for folks who normally receive a tax receipt for their membership. In the past our membership fee was considered a donation and therefore eligible for a tax receipt. Since our new membership will offer benefits or "advantages" to its members, according to CRA law we will no longer be able to issue a tax receipt. To not leave anyone out, we are happy to offer an option for folks who are happy to forego the perks and wish to retain a tax receipt. So please take a close read of the Membership page, and email Chris (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you have any questions or concerns.

We are hoping that folks who are already members, and those who are actively considering becoming members, might support local partners as they tentatively reopen. Cross-promotion and working together will also give HAT the chance to reach folks we don’t often have the chance to interact with, allowing us to grow our conservation community and support more local conservation!

A huge Thank You to all of HAT’s members, and to our local partners. HAT is proud to work with each of you towards our shared conservation vision!


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