Music for a Cause

Music and community, what could be a better pairing when socially isolated and lacking for fun events to participate in? Combining a sense of belonging, and supporting programs that do a lot of good locally, that’s what!

That is exactly what happened Saturday, January 30 2021 when the Wavelengths Community Choir and the Gettin’ Higher Choir (GHC) joined voices for the second time since COVID-19 pushed their individual performances last spring for an online concert event. Both choirs are non-audition, and they have both been bringing people together and sharing the gift of song in powerful ways for many years (the GHC was founded in 1996 and Wavelengths in 2018).

With a shared origin, both choirs have always been advocates for using music to bring people together, to form community connections, and to make those connections powerful enough to impact the lives of others in a good way. Both choirs have shown a great deal of support for the Caia Connection in Mozambique over the years, and continue to that partnership even to this day.

In 2019, Denis Donnelly, the director and founder of Wavelengths and former co-director of GHC, reconnected with HAT. Having worked with HAT in the late-1990s on other musical projects, Denis was looking for a local charity partner for Wavelengths to work with. We cannot be more pleased that Denis thought of HAT!

Once COVID pushed both choirs to move online with their performances, they banded together, holding their first co-concert in June 2020, again benefiting the Caia Connection. This event was so popular that Denis and the co-directors of GHC, Cathy Baker and Dick Jackson, agreed that a second concert was a great idea. They also agreed that a local focus, with shared themes of resilience, hope for the future, and improved connection, would be a powerful way to bring people together during these times. 

On January 30, that concert “For Our Future World” saw over 500 people from all over the world attend what was a magical online concert event that raised over $11,000 for HAT and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Victoria and Area (BBBS), two organizations that focus on connections, both human and more-than-human. With heartwarming, moving guest performances from Lea Morris and Greg Greenway, the themes of togetherness and hope were tangible throughout the evening.

You can watch the entire concert on YouTube through Sunday, February 14th.

We would like to take this moment to thank Denis and all the members of Wavelengths Community Choir, Cathy & Dick and the entire GHC, and Lea and Greg for inviting us to participate, and for sharing the music. Thank you also to BBBS, especially Rhonda, Mike, and Ashley, for working with us on this project.

Keep your eyes opened for future concerts from both choirs, and if you feel the music in you looking for a way to get out, check their pages for how you can become a member.


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