National Volunteer Week, Day 5 - Liz Belcher

The final day of our volunteer appreciation posts celebrating National Volunteer Week comes from HAT's Executive Director Katie Blake who would like to regonize HAT board member Liz Belcher for her considerable and deep involvement with HAT, and with conservation and restoration around Southern Vancouver Island.
Liz has been volunteering with HAT for more than 5 years, and not always as a member of the board (yes! Board membership is voluntary!). Starting her relationship with HAT as a participant at restoration events, getting her hands into the earth and working to support the ecosystems that keep us alive.
Her dedication to future generations and the importance of stewarding our relationship to the land, Liz has also contributed time to HAT's Green Spots Program. Green Spots engages with local schools and gets kids on the land (often on school property) to see how their actions can support restoration and native species while learning how nature interacts with them.
Conservation, like so much, is a spectrum, and Liz joined HAT's Board in 2019, taking up the responsibilities of governance. She has been the Board Treasurer since 2020 - a position which requires significant time and dedication, and for that we are very grateful to Liz for keeping us on track and in the black. Liz also serves on other Board committees including our committee examining conservation and fire.
More than anything, and representative of so many HAT volunteers, Liz is also such a joy to work with that she brings a positive attitude, the desire to do good, that it's hard not to be excited about a project when working with her.
We are so grateful to have Liz as a dedicated HAT volunteer.
As this is the final day of National Volunteer Week, HAT would also like to thank all of our volunteers for all of the time, effort, and fun you each bring to the projects you work on. Without you, HAT would not be the effective, community-based organization that we are known to be. You will always have our gratitude!


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