Land Acquisition

What is the Land Acquisition Program?

One of HAT's strategic goals is to increase the amount of natural area protected in our region. Through the Land Acquisition program, HAT acquires properties or a legal interest in properties to ensure the long-term conservation of natural values on the land.

HAT acquires properties through fee-simple title purchase or donation, or through acquiring an interest in a property through a conservation covenant. To date, the majority of our acquisitions have been through covenants.

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The most commonly used Land Protection tools are:

1. Conservation Covenants

Learn about applying a conservation covenant to the title of a property: See a Map of all locations of HAT public conservation covenants. 

2. Donations of Land

Learn more about donations of land for permanent protection . . . 

HAT works to support land owners, other organizations and, conservation agencies to protect land for the future. Here is an example of a property protected with the help a conservation covenant.

Below are just some of areas HAT protects, mostly through conservation covenants. The Matson Conservation Area is owned and managed by HAT.


Other Ways:

Guide to Leaving a Green Legacy (PDF - 7 MB)

This Guide from 2015 explains the ins and outs of donating land in all of the various ways available in BC, including the tax benefits to a landowner.

Thank you to our supporters and funders

This program is funded by the Victoria Foundation, TD Friends of the Environment, Islands Trust Fund, Community Grants in Aid, BC Gaming, and Donors like you.


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