Ivan Island - “I can’t leave without protecting it”

Powell 2“I can’t leave without protecting it” exclaimed Nancy Powell.  [I] “...represent the animals, birds, trees, bugs, flowers and everything else that lives on the land, in the water and in the air”. The land she is protecting was gifted to Nancy from her dear friend, Ivan.  It was Ivan’s passion to protect and care for the land, and it is now Nancy’s turn.  She is paying it forward for Ivan, for herself, for the wildlife, and for Metchosin.  

Nancy Powell stands on the rocky outcrop on her property looking over the neighbourhood

Fast forward to March and we can now officially announce that Nancy Powell has a registered conservation covenant on her land now called “Ivan Island”! With the covenant now on title forever, her beautiful property, home to many native plant and animal species will not be tampered with at all. Her promise to Ivan has now merged with HAT’s promise to protect land in the Capital Regional District and like Nancy, we never break our promises. At times it can be overwhelming in terms of thinking how one individual can make a difference in protecting our environment but Nancy has found a way that was suitable for her and she has now made a major impact in the Capital Regional District.  Discovering how you can make a difference can be a difficult journey, but with inspiring stories like Nancy’s protection of Ivan Island and other landowners that have done the same, we can all reach higher to help keep our precious ecosystems intact and flourishing.

The process of placing a conservation covenant on your property can appear to be daunting but in reality it only takes a one committed landowner and a local land trust to make it all come together.  If you believe your land has ecological value and is worth protecting, the best thing you can do is to take the first step and come by the office to chat with Wendy (our Covenants and Acquisitions Coordinator) or give her a call at 250-995-2428. She has experience in working with private and public landowners in negotiating and implementing conservation covenants in her four years at HAT and would be happy to talk with you and provide free, confidential advice about options for protecting your land in perpetuity. 

We want to thank Nancy and Ivan for their dedication to protecting natural places and making the CRD a better place to live and breathe.


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