Laughlin Lake

Laughlin Lake, Galiano Island



This 27 acre property lies adjacent to the Pebble Beach protected area on Galiano's northeastern shore, and extends a corridor toward the Bodega Ridge protected area, facing Trincomali Channel on the southwest shore. The lake is the largest body of fresh water on Galiano Island and is home to diversewildlife. HAT completed the purchase in partnership with the Galiano Conservancy Association and the Islands Trust Fund.

Laughlin Lake is one of the few lakes in the region without human development along its shore. Fresh water is a precious commodity on the Gulf Islands. During the dry summer months, wildlife depends on permanent water supplies like Laughlin Lake - it supports abundant and diverse populations of birds, mammals, and amphibians. Several threatened species also make Laughlin Lake their home, including Red-legged Frog and Painted Turtle.

After 3 years of fundraising, Laughlin Lake is protected forever. Environment Canada provided the final $63,115 through the Georgia Basin Ecosystem Initiative. Habitat Acquisition Trust, Galiano Conservancy Association, and the Islands Trust Fund raised the rest of the funds. Individual donors gave over $45,000 towards the purchase, and donations were also received from Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Barraclough Foundation, the Burton Charitable Foundation and the Kaatza Foundation.

Galiano Conservancy Association now owns the Laughlin Lake property, which is further protected by a conservation covenant jointly held by HAT and the Islands Trust Fund. A management plan guides long-term use and protection of the site. The Real Estate Foundation of BC supported the development of the management plan.

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