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Bat LB in barn Got bats? That’s the question that local conservation group Habitat Acquisition Trust is asking Victoria area residents. HAT is sending out the bat signal to find volunteers to participate in the first Annual BC Bat Count and to map bat colonies in the region. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for people who care about wildlife to be involved in collecting important scientific information” says Adam Taylor, Executive Director of Habitat Acquisition Trust. “They don’t need any special skills and it’s a great way to get kids involved too.”

The Annual Bat Count is being promoted through HAT's Community Bat Program , as

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Here at HAT we have been working hard to organize several events for our members and volunteers to learn new skills, get involved and have fun with HAT staff!

If you are interested in joining any of these events, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 250-995-2428 and speak to Paige to RSVP.

HAT Events


HAT Funk Restoration Family Celebration - Invitation Web Only August 9 Saturday – Volunteer Celebration!

Sooke near Mt Matheson

10-4, swimming in the reservoir & picnic potluck barbeque after restoration

Broom removal, some light hiking – refreshments provided, carpool available

20+ volunteers -   see poster here


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Turtle nesting in Wendys backyard June 30 2014

Turtles! Just this past week HAT has had two reports of turtles nesting in paths and backyards - including our very own staff person, Wendy who is our Covenants and Acquisitions Coordinator and spotted a turtle nesting right in her backyard! (Photo left).

HAT also received a report from a citizen scientist Tim who was thrilled to report this turtle sighting nearby Beaver Lake right in the middle of the path!  Both of these turtle sightings were in fact Red-eared Slider turtle species and not the endangered Western Painted Turtle , the last native turtle in the region.

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Thanks to Shaw TV's "Did You Know" segement, HAT can share some great quick videos about our work and how you can be involved.

First up is a video about our Citizen Science projects, in particular the Blue-grey Taildropper Slug. Everyone can particpate in science!

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  • Garden for Wildlife Gardening with native plants, organic lawn care, and more ideas for home
  • Protect my Land Learn about options to protect nature on your land through covenants or donations of land.
  • Get kids outside Create a native plant garden at your school or go on a field trip to Goldstream
  • Care for Endangered Species Endangered turtles, snakes, and slugs need your help, and so does HAT
  • Volunteer Help care for parks and natural areas, and meet new people too!
  • Donate Become a member and support HAT's mission
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